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Photo Identification

AB14 2013 copy.jpg

Photo ID is a foundational part of what we do.  We attempt to photograph every member of a pod every year if possible.  This allows us to determine the exact ages of individuals, calving rates, survival rates, and the general health of the population.  Some of our pods center their range near Kenai Fjords and Prince William Sound, and are easy to find each year, while other pods may center their range near Kodiak or Southeast Alaska, and we see them only one every few or several years.

Notches and nicks in the dorsal fin, as well as saddle patch pigmentation and scratches allow for the identification of individuals.  

AD008_KWAR_2020-06-03_DO_ChevNarr_021 co

Here is Eldorado, AK12, born in 1993, sprouting over time.

2016 KWAR_2016-05-04_DOlsen_Tonsina_AK6_
2011 DSC_8617 AK12 DOlsen.jpg
2006 AK12 TifThomas.jpg
2005 AK12 cat.jpg
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